The Mayor & Board of Trustees are the legislative body of the Village and as such enact laws to protect the health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the residents in addition to having management of all Village property and finances.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees hold public meetings monthly, with the exception of August, click here for schedule. Meetings begin at 8:00 P.M. and are held in the Lawrence Village Hall, 196 Central Avenue, Lawrence, NY 11559 unless otherwise noted.

The Village of Lawrence is governed by an elected Mayor and Board of Trustees. Our present Mayor is Martin Oliner.  The Board of Trustees consists of 5 members including the Mayor.

In addition to their elected duties, each Trustee is assigned an area of Village Government to oversee and act as liaison to the Village Board.

 Members of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

Martin Oliner Mayor
C. Simon Felder Deputy Mayor
Irving Langer Trustee
Michael A. Fragin Trustee
Alex Edelman Trustee

One of the most unique characteristics of our Village is the fact that all members of the various Boards and Commissions serve without compensation, including the Mayor and Board of Trustees.

The people serving in these positions are volunteers in the truest sense of the word and their only reward is in the contributions they make to keep Lawrence the clean, safe, beautiful Village it is today.


Listed below is the Official Village Family:

Ronald Goldman - Village Administrator-Clerk/Treasurer

Gerry Castro - Deputy Village Administrator

Lina Fusco - Deputy Village Treasurer

Gerry Castro - Building Department Superintendent

Leo McMahon - Golf Course Manager

Robert Daniels - Superintendent of Public Works and Highway Dept.

Donald J. Buchalter - Village Justice

Peter Bee - Village Attorney

Lloyd Keilson - (Chairperson)
Mark Schreck
Edward Gottlieb
Esther Williams
Danny Hiller

David Seidemann - (Alternate)
Joel Ganz - (Alternate)

Planning Board
Geri Gindea - (Chairperson)
Mordy Sohn
Noah Fleschner
Allen Dorkin
Benjamin Lopata

Jacqueline Handel - (Alternate)
Michael Pinter - (Alternate)

Board of Building Design
Benjamin Sporn - (Chairperson)

Eva Staiman
Barry Pomerantz
Barbara Kupferstein

Myrna Breitman - (Alternate)
Seth (Uri) Ottensoser - (Alternate)
Shoshana Weinstock - (Alternate)

 Park Commission - (click here for mtg. schedule)
 Howard Siskind - (Chairperson)
 Jacqueline Handel - (Vice Chairperson)
 Martin Levi
 Francine Sicklick 
 Barry Mayer
 Irving Langer
 Melvin Young
 David Brecher
 Marc Gelbtuch
 Moe Blinder
 Randy Green
 Joseph Felder
 Sheldon Genack









All correspondence for the various Boards or Commissions should be addressed to:
Village of Lawrence
196 Central Avenue
Lawrence, NY 11559

Overall administration of the Village is the responsibility of the Village Administrator Ronald Goldman. The Administrator also serves as Clerk-Treasurer, and Receiver of Taxes.  The office is located in the Village Hall and can be reached by telephone at (516) 239-4600 or by e-mail at

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